Perfectly made replica of AK47 Kalashnikov rifle is a product of a renowned brand Denix. The product is distinguished by the faithful reproduction of all the details of the original and the use of the best quality materials for its production.

Enthusiasts of militaria from the USSR period, as well as collectors of firearms, may be interested in such a product as a replica of AK47 rifle, available in our offer. The popular Kalashnikov has a wooden stock, protected against mechanical damage. The AK47 replica offered by our online shop has a removable gas chamber cover and a removable arc magazine.

What advantages does the AK 47 replica have?

An excellent AK47 replica is a product made in the casting technique. The handicraft we offer has a working trigger tongue with a magazine catch and a movable setting arm, which is located on the right wall of the breech chamber. The AK47 rifle replica from our assortment has a flask and grip on the barrel, made of wood covered with stain and a thin layer of varnish.

Well-made replica of Soviet AK47 rifle

Perfectly reproduced AK47 replica, which is available in our online shop, has elements made of zinc and aluminium alloy. This is a combination of two elements which do not undergo the process of corrosion. The AK47 rifle replica offered by us has the possibility of reloading and firing a so-called dry shot. This product is delivered to the customer with metal clips, used for attaching it to the belt.

Faithfully reproduced replica of the AK47 is a very carefully made product. The product may find its place in the collection of firearms of WWII militaria enthusiasts.