Lovers of firearms from different historical periods will surely be delighted with products such as replica pistols . These are exclusive products, made of the best quality materials.

Great replicas of pistols delight with the perfection of their workmanship. An alloy of aluminum and zinc was used in the production of these products. Thanks to this, the pistol replicas offered by us will survive unchanged for a very long time. These products may have decorations. Particularly noteworthy are flintlock pistols from the 18th century. They have eye-catching decorations placed on their handles and near the trigger. The replicas of pistols we offer are also products with an ax, as well as those available in gold and silver versions.

Flintlock pistol replicas

Modern replicas of pistols , which are in our permanent assortment, may also be of interest to people who collect unusual firearms. These are mainly pirate flintlocks from the 18th century, as well as 4-barreled flintlock pistols used in France. These products have an intricately decorated handle with a contoured shape. Stylish replicas of firearms, which include the flintlock pistols, we propose, can also be a great gift idea for a military enthusiast as well as a person professionally associated with uniformed services.

Beautiful flintlock pistols are strikingly looking replicas of firearms from the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries. They have faithfully reproduced decorations on the barrel and handles, in line with the historical prototypes.