In Poland Hetman’s mace served as a kind of insignia of power and a symbol of military dignity. Used to distinguish the Hetman’s office in the 16th-18th centuries, the mace was usually ornate to emphasize the importance of the commander.

Hetman’s mace is historically derived from a weapon that was created in the shape of a wooden or bone club. It was a popular blunt, one-handed weapon used to smash the enemy’s helmet. The mace was widely used as a weapon in ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, the Ottoman Empire, Persia, and India. With the development of military weapons, the mace lost its combat significance. In Poland since the 16th century mace was an inseparable attribute of the office of the Hetman – the temporary commander of the mercenary forces. High-class replicas of Hetman’s maces, made of polished steel, available in our online store, are exquisite craftsmanship.

A treat for a collector – richly decorated Hetman’s mace

Buława hetmańska z bursztynami i turkusami
Hetman’s mace with amber and turquoise, turn of the 17th and 18th centuries + stand

High-quality, richly decorated Hetman’s mace available in our offer is an extraordinary exhibit for a collector, connoisseur of melee weapons or history enthusiast. Proposed by us Hetman’s mace is a faithful copy of the mace from the turn of the 17th and 18th centuries. The spherical head of the mace is set with real gemstones – amber and turquoise. The entire rich ornamentation is completed by the intricate etchings covering both the head and the shaft of the weapon. An elegant, wooden board with a trapezoidal cross-section, attached to the mace, allows for an effective display of the insignia.

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Hetman’s mace is an exclusive exhibit that will be perfect as a sophisticated gift. The mace can also be an extraordinary decoration for a study or a living room decorated in a classic style.