Made of high-quality brass, effectively protected against the effects of many external factors, statuettes can decorate luxurious offices or representative rooms. These products are available in various sizes to choose from.

Beautiful statues may refer to famous historical figures, fauna or flora. It is a great idea for a gift for a birthday person or birthday boy. These types of products are on offer in our online store at a very attractive price. We offer statuettes soldiers, miner or caricatures with a marble base. It is possible to put a personal dedication on these products. It can be a motto, a favorite literary quote or the person of the recipient of the statuette ..

Statuettes and busts – handmade products

statuetka Słoń średni na podstawie, wysokość 9cm, mosiądz

Our online store’s varied assortment includes wonderful busts made of brass and placed on a marble plinth. These are chiseled products. They were covered with high-quality varnish and also waxed using the traditional hot method. Branded busts , which can be conveniently ordered via of our website, they are a faithful cast. These are products in which all types of imperfections and inequalities have been removed. Manual processing with chisel punches, files, hammers, chisels and scrapers makes these products dazzling.

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Offered busts and statuettes are luxury handmade products. They were created by hand with the use of carefully selected tools, which confirms their highest quality.